Search and Seizure

Greenville Search and Seizure Lawyer

The "war on drugs" continues to be fought with too many innocent citizens victims of a "get tough" or "arrest them all" attitude. If you are facing drug charges, it is time to protect your rights aggressively.

Penalties for a drug conviction are harsh and long lasting. Depending on the charges and circumstances of your case, you face the possibility to going to prison, fines, forfeitures, and other lesser known but equally severe consequences including loss of a driver's license, loss of business or professional licenses and restrictions on possessing or owning firearms.

The consequences of any criminal charge, particularly a drug charge, can be devastating to your future. This is especially true for young people who could have college education interrupted or ended and their opportunities for employment limited by a conviction.

The Quinn Law Office will fight to prevent any client from having to serve time and, if that is not possible, to reduce the prison sentence as low as the law allows. We will do everything ethically possible to keep you out of jail. We will fight to protect your reputation and your future.

As part of that fight, we will focus on whether your constitutional rights have been infringed upon in connection with an arrest. You have constitutional rights against unlawful search and seizure, false arrest, and other police errors. If those errors have been made in your case, it could clear you of the charges, result in the dismissal of some charges, or result in the reduction of the charges or possible penalties.

Questions that need to be answered in every drug case and other cases involving search and seizure include:

  • Did the police have good reason to stop your car or search you?
  • Did the police have a warrant and follow the letter of the warrant?
  • Are witnesses or informants reliable or are they getting a deal to testify against you?
  • Did the undercover officer or agent actually witness or participate in the drug transaction?
  • Does the evidence point to personal use rather than dealing?
  • Were internal police procedures followed as well as the letter of the law?
  • Did the police entrap you or lead you into actions they now say are criminal?

I can never promise that in your particular case I can have the charges dismissed or avoid any particular penalties. I can promise we will do everything possible to minimize the impact on your future and that we will fight to the end for the most favorable outcome.

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