Underage Drinking

Some South Carolina crimes or offenses are only applicable to underage persons – those people between the ages of seventeen (17) and twenty-one (21). Driving under the influence, for instance, has specific sections applicable only to underage minors. While there are other crimes that affect young adults differently, the largest group is alcohol violations. Information about the Alcohol Education Program which may be helpful in those cases follows.

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Alcohol Education Program

The Alcohol Education Program (AEP) is a diversion program for first time offenders with magistrate/municipal court alcohol offenses. The program, which requires community service work, alcohol education class and alcohol testing, allows the defendant to have the charges dismissed.

A person may only participate in the program once. A person's participation in AEP does not prevent his/her future participation in the Pre-Trial Intervention Program.

A person who successfully completes AEP will be eligible to apply to the court for an expungement of the arrest record.


The Alcohol Education Program is an alternative to court for individuals ages 17 to 20 who are charged with alcohol related offenses. A person may be considered for the program if:

  • The applicant is between the ages of 17 and 20 at the time of arrest.
  • Has no prior alcohol-related offenses.
  • Has no significant prior delinquency, criminal activity or alcohol related traffic offenses.

Eligible Alcohol Offenses:

  • purchase or possession of beer or wine by a person under the age of twenty-one
  • purchase or possession of alcoholic liquors by a person under the age of twenty-one
  • open container in a motor vehicle
  • public disorderly conduct
  • littering
  • providing false information concerning age
  • unlawful purchase of beer or wine for a person who cannot legally buy
  • transfer of beer or wine for underage person's consumption
  • transfer of alcoholic liquors for underage person's consumption
  • possession of an altered driver's license

Driving alcohol offenses, including driving under the influence and driving under an unlawful alcohol concentration, are not eligible for the program.

For Greenville or Pickens County information may be found at www.greenvillecounty.org/solicitor/aep.asp . If the violation is in another county contact that Solicitor's Office to learn about the program there. A list of Solicitors can be found at www.prosecution.state.sc.us/Content/Solicitors.aspx .