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Community Supervision Program

The Community Supervision Program is a release program for offenders who have been sentenced for a "no parole" offense and have served 85 percent of their sentence at the South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC). An experienced criminal defense attorney can provide more details related to a specific situation.

A "no parole" offense is a class A, B or C felony or an offense exempt from classification as enumerated in Section 16-1-10(d), which is punishable by a maximum term of 20 years or more. Individuals who committed one of these crimes on or after Jan. 1, 1996, are not eligible for parole consideration at any time during their sentence.

Offenders released to the Community Supervision Program have a two-year period of supervision. If at any time they violate the terms of supervision, a Circuit Court judge may revoke any part of the remaining incarcerative portion of the sentence for up to one year at a time.

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