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Greenville Child Pornography Defense Lawyer

A conviction for possession of child pornography or production of child pornography will impact the rest of your life. If you have reason to believe you may be under investigation or have been charged with a child or internet pornography crime, including child pornography distribution or child pornography possession, your need for a knowledgeable, aggressive defense attorney could not be greater.

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As the internet has greatly expanded the flow and availability of information, it has also made it easier to break the law, either knowingly or unknowingly, from illegal downloading of child pornography to explicit contact with underage teens through social media sites, chat rooms and email, contact with police officers holding themselves out as underage teens or being arrested for sharing photos of students, friends and co-workers with others.

The consequences of these crimes can alter your life forever. These charges carry lengthy prison sentences, substantial fines, and lifetime registration as a sex offender on the sex offender registry. The damage to your reputation in the community, your professional reputation, your family and your future employment prospects cannot be measured.

In every case of child or internet pornography brought against a person, constitutional issues need to be considered, including the gathering of evidence, the actions of investigators, entrapment and the possibility of material placed on the person's computer that they did not knowingly obtain.

When Are These Charges Filed?

These cases arise in several ways, including:

  • Investigators posing as minors in chat rooms
  • "Enticing child" cases, where a person goes to meet someone whom he or she has been told is a minor, when in fact that "minor" is a police officer posing as a child or teenager
  • Technicians working on computers who discover possible child pornography images on the hard drive and report it to the authorities
  • Images being placed on your computer, without your knowledge, by legal sites, or by a pedophile storing and viewing material on strangers' computers
  • Curiosity about "discovered" or "suggested" websites that take you to material you had no intention of viewing
  • Sharing photos of teens or minors with others

The police likely want you to agree to let them take electronic devices or for you to give a statement or take a polygraph. All those decisions should be made with the advice of counsel. You may be given the opportunity to turn yourself in for arrest and that should also be done with the assistance of counsel.

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