Driver's License Suspension

Greenville Driver's License Suspension Lawyer

Your driver's license provides you with driving privileges. As privileges — not rights — they can be taken away from you if you have been arrested for or found guilty of drunk driving. You do have the option of seeking skilled defense services from me, a Clemson DUI/DWI lawyer. With my help, you can avoid driver's license suspension or have your driver's license reinstated.

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Are you facing a first offense DUI, second offense DUI or third offense DUI ? You must act swiftly to maintain your driving privileges. You have 30 days to request an administrative hearing with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to prevent losing your driver's license. If you do not request the hearing, your driver's license will be taken away automatically. Additionally, an accumulation of points on your license can result in driver's license suspension or revocation.

Put a Knowledgeable Criminal Defense Attorney on Your Side

I have been a criminal defense attorney for more than 38 years. I have full command of the defenses available to you as well as the options to deal with your loss of license. For example, I can help you obtain:

  • Temporary alcohol license: If you request an administrative hearing before the DMV within 30 days of your drunk driving arrest, you become eligible for a temporary alcohol license.
  • Provisional license: If you are found guilty of DUI, you can obtain a provisional license, or a work permit license, which allows you to travel to work and school.
  • Route restricted license: If you are found guilty of a second or third offense DUI, you may be able to obtain a restrictive route license. With this type of license, you are only allowed to drive to certain locations — work and school, for example — and only on specific routes. You can only obtain one restricted route license in your lifetime. If you do anything that causes you to lose this license, you will not be given the chance for another one.

If your driver's license has been suspended, I can talk to you about your options, help you understand the process and help you meet the requirements for reinstating or completely restoring your driving privileges.

I also represent people who have been charged with driving under driver's license suspension or revocation.

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