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Defenses Against Violent Crimes

When you face the possibility of prison, it can be difficult to know exactly what to do or who to trust. At this time, perhaps more than any other, you know you need experienced, aggressive representation. You know you need honest answers and good advice.

Attorney Thomas J. Quinn has defended clients throughout South Carolina on the most serious state and federal charges. False promises are not made nor is the truth minimized in any discussions with clients. Each client will tell you that Mr. Quinn fought to the very end for their freedom and their dignity in a system that seemed stacked against them.

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Thomas J. Quinn has over 38 years' experience in criminal defense. He has handled the full gamut of violent crime cases, including:

Quinn Law will attack every part of the prosecution's case to get the charges dismissed or reduced or to create reasonable doubt for the jury. If needed, we can re-interview prosecution witnesses and check into their backgrounds. We always want to know if they were offered a deal in exchange for their testimony. Are they lying to protect their own interests? Are there witnesses the police ignored or did not bother to find? Does the alleged victim have any reason to make false accusations?

What You Could Face

South Carolina has a statute that sets out if a crime is a felony or misdemeanor. Additionally, South Carolina divides offenses into serious/most serious and violent/nonviolent categories. These designations affect where you would serve a jail sentence, how much time you might do and what impact a charge can have on your future.

All crimes have collateral consequences — impact that the court does not discuss because it is out of its control. These consequences can determine if you can vote, where you can live and whether you can have a gun. In addition, if you are sentenced to probation, you need to understand the related costs and conditions.

If you are sentenced to prison, you can either "max out" your sentence or be paroled. Parole eligibility is determined by statute 24-21-610 in the South Carolina Code of Law and is different depending on your conviction. Upon release, even if a sentence is maxed-out, a person is required to successfully complete the Community Supervision Program.

Get A Solid Defense

Thomas J. Quinn is certified by the South Carolina Supreme Court for death penalty defense and has handled death penalty cases in Ridgeland, Hampton, Beaufort and Greenville counties. Whatever charges you face, no one is better prepared to provide your defense.

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