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Fighting For Your Future

The most serious charges anyone can face involve the taking of someone else's life. In theory, a murder conviction could carry the death penalty. If not death, a life sentence is possible although at least 30 years have to be served, day for day, as murder is exempt from parole and max out. A life sentence in South Carolina means just that, only death allows you to come out from behind the fences.

At the law firm of Thomas J. Quinn, I will work hard to fight against the consequences of a criminal conviction. For more than 38 years, I have handled criminal law matters throughout South Carolina. I am certified by the South Carolina Supreme Court as lead counsel on death penalty cases.

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Almost all the offenses involving the death of another carry mandatory minimum sentences with probation or parole to follow. Obvious are the impact on your family, future, employment and standing in the community.

Overcharging And Possible Defenses

Often, however, the authorities overcharge and cases can get reduced or dismissed. Other times the accused can assert 'stand your ground' and establish the right to defend him/herself even to taking the life of another. Self-defense, defense of others and mutual combat are defenses available in this area of the law that need to be considered and investigated. Search issues, Miranda rights and the taking of a statement, identification issues, and many issues that would be applicable to any criminal case take on greater weight here because of the greater consequences.

In your defense I will investigate all the issues applicable to your case. We will work together to present your case to a judge and jury to get the best result possible.

Put An Aggressive, Experienced Attorney In Your Corner

I have handled a number of death penalty cases and tried several of them. I have handled over 50 murder cases, three of which went to court in the last year. Additionally I have represented people on homicide by child abuse, reckless homicide, attempted murder cases and voluntary manslaughter charges.

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